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Performance and Quality

The staff at Hospital Care Consultants is available for inā€house consults with medical staff and the development of team-oriented patient satisfaction initiatives. HCC will help implement HCAHPS to increase efficiency in concert with the hospital. The byproducts of increased operational efficiency are reduced patient wait times, lower percentages of patients leaving against medical advice (AMA), and fewer patients leaving without being seen (LWBS). We are constantly doing quality assurance and measuring performance throughout all emergency department areas to ensure excellence throughout your facility.

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Utilization Management

Our nurse case managers and corporate medical directors review chart samplings to determine over/underutilization issues. If an issue is identified, we provide training and tools for resolution and improvement.

Case Management

We provide education for case managers and physicians to improve documentation and assist with getting the patient into the correct disposition status. HCC also provides RAC audits.

Clinical Leadership

Hospital Care Consultants identify clinical leaders to liaise between HCC, physicians, and facility staff. HCC will remember from its clinical talent pool or clinical talents already in place to be a liaison between HCC, physicians, and the facility staff. This medical director will attend staff and departmental meetings to stay abreast, disseminate information and provide oversite recommendations.

Readmissions Management

We work with nursing and case management to formulate plans from admission to post-discharge. With our program, facility readmissions can be significantly reduced within 30 days.

Admissions Efficiency

With more efficient processing and capture of patients from the ER along with community outreach, you could see more successful outcomes resolved. Your facility will thrive and reverse an outbound trend of patients to the larger urban facilities.