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Experience The Difference Of ESS

Providing clinically-sound physicians with excellent interpersonal and leadership skills is a given. However, our programs take things further with responsive management, practical training, and value-added services.

See the difference HCC makes in capturing revenue, improving satisfaction, and growing your patient volume.

Customized Solutions

Our services are customized to the facility’s needs, ensuring we provide only your needs.

When designing our models and programs, we create them to promote growth, quality of service, trust, and success for our partner facilities.

Physician and Staff Training

Not only does HCC provide you with highly-trained and vetted physicians, but we can also offer training to all staff members on topics such as risk management and customer service.

Performance and Quality

Our account managers are assigned to specific partner facilities for on-site monthly benchmarking and clinical monitoring. Additionally, we ensure an increase in patient satisfaction and monitor clinical areas in need of improvement.

Working with our team leads to better-trained physicians and a more precise strategy to improve hospital needs, leading to happier physicians, better performance, and higher quality healthcare.

Review of Admissions

HCC helps to maximize emergency department admissions by performing frequent chart audits. This helps us ensure that all appropriate admissions are captured and all patients are given the correct status. On top of that, an improved admissions process means a smoother hospital process for patients and an increase in revenue.

Utilization Management

Our nurse case managers and corporate medical directors review chart samplings to determine if there are any issues with over and underutilization. Beyond identifying these issues, we provide training and tools to improve utilization management.

Patient Satisfaction

There’s more to patient satisfaction than the healthcare provided, and good customer service goes a long way in improving patient satisfaction. On top of that, every faculty member in a hospital plays a role in how satisfied a patient is while there, from doctors to receptionists.

HCC offers training on customer service to ensure that all staff is displaying the appropriate disposition when working.

What HCC
Offers You

Hospital Care Consultants provides services on a national level. Our experienced staff can focus on each facility’s specific needs. There is no one size fits all mentality, and we customize programs to meet the community’s particular needs. This model promotes growth, enhanced quality of service, trust, and success for our partner facilities.

Onsite & Corporate Physician Leadership

HCC manages staffing and departments to provide the most value and benefits from our services.

Physician leadership plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. A physician leader is responsible for managing staffing, departments, and other benefits that ultimately affect the quality of patient care. As a physician leader, one must understand how to effectively manage teams and collaborate with other medical professionals to ensure efficient operations of their organization. Additionally, they must understand healthcare policies, regulations, and standards to make informed decisions that will benefit their organization and its patients and provide hands-on techniques, suggestions, and tools to address your facility’s needs.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Satisfaction improves by increasing the frequency of communication between physicians and patients, which HCC focuses on.

Patient satisfaction is an essential metric in determining the quality of care provided by a healthcare organization. A patient’s experience within the emergency department can significantly impact their overall satisfaction. Thus, healthcare organizations must understand and address patient needs to ensure optimal patient satisfaction.

Tools like surveys, focus groups, and other research methods can be used to measure patient satisfaction and identify areas of improvement. By understanding what patients expect from their experience within the emergency department, healthcare organizations can make necessary changes that will improve overall patient satisfaction.

Training & Education

Training and education for compliance and guidelines are essential for an organization. It helps ensure that the people in the organization are knowledgeable and well-informed about the policies, procedures, and ancillary specialty services they need to be aware of. This training and education help to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to compliance and guidelines. It also ensures that all employees are informed of any changes or updates to policies or procedures. With proper training and education, organizations can ensure employees follow best practices for compliance and policy adherence.


We offer web training programs and an extensive library of educational tools for all our physician leaders and training specialists.

The library and training span subjects such as:

  • risk management
  • compliance
  • documentation
  • observation vs. inpatient status
  • customer service
  • patient satisfaction

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